The Great Kei Trek Trails

GKT Trails - The Long Version

GKT Trails - Distances and Routes 

Have a look at the map below to get an idea as to where the trails will take you. There are a few spots we would like you to take your time to appreciate; go for a swim, enjoy the view, or if you are adventurous enough, stop off for a “cold-one”. This is too beautiful a place to rush anything.

Day 1 - 34km

This stage will see you leave Morgan Bay, cross the beach and then hit the nastiest climb of the weekend - something special to warm those legs up nice and early. Once at the top, a gentle downhill past the Kei Mouth Golf Course and then on towards the Kei River Ferry. Crossing the Mighty Kei River, you will then be in the Old Transkei, where you will head towards Trennery’s and Seagulls Hotels, but not before a special stop for a swim at stunning Gxara Falls, along with a “cold-one”. After leaving Seagulls, you will then run back along the beach to the Kei River Ferry before heading towards the Kei River mouth. Then you will run through Lovers’ Lane, go past Neptune’s Cove and then head back along the beach to the finish at Morgan Bay.

Day 2 - 21km

Day 2 will see you head up a gentle climb moving past Yellowwood Forest, and then down past the golf course into Kei Mouth. After a small tour of the village, we put you on sone awesome beach trail heading back to Morgan Bay along the beach. We then give you a “sneaky” climb up to the Morgan Bay Cliffs, where you can relax and enjoy the views. Perhaps with a “cold one”. Once there, do take in the views, enjoy the scenery whilst enjoying the fresh sea air, then head back to the finish, just 1km away.

Day 3 - 26km

The Highlight - a beach run to the Haga Haga Hotel and back. Once we set you off, you will head towards Haga Haga, but not before a challenging climb, taking you to past Double Mouth, and then on to the beach as you head towards Haga. On the way, you will pass places such as Black Rock, the Abalone Farm and Marshstrand, just 2.5km from Haga. Once you arrive at the hotel, you can stop off for a toasted sandwich, burger and a liquid refreshment. Then you head back via Haga Haga Retreat, through Marshstrand, and then back on to the beach for the return journey. Your last surprise awaits as you arrive at the cliffs; you will see no roads, just trails leading up the side of the cliffs. (Don’t worry, these are Fishermen’s’ Trails, and are used almost every day - but they are steep). Besides the awesome views, a surprise awaits you at the top of the cliffs. Yip, you guessed it, Your final stop just 1km from the finish. 

We are constantly looking for more bits and pieces, but so far we have what we believe to be some unbelievable track offering you a mix of everything.

PLEASE NOTE: Routes are subject to change

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